KENWOOD TK-7302/8302


Kenwood's new x302 Series mobiles are feature rich and budget friendly analog mobile radios designed for many business, agriculture, construction, utility and local government applications. Models VHF TK-7302VK/HVK 25W/50W and TK-8302UK/HUK 25W/45W offer 16 channels, 2-Digit LED Channel Display, comparable TK-x160 features and new stylized ergonomics.

General Features
•Broad VHF (38 MHz) & UHF (70 MHz) bandwidth
•16 Channels / 2 Conventional Zones
•2-Digit LED Channel Display
•Blue Function / Status LED
•Voice Channel Announcement (8 Languages)
•16 Scrambler Codes (per CH)
•Encryption Board Control (20-Pin type)
•Two-Tone Encode/Decode
•DTMF Encode/Decode
•Public Address / Horn Alert Output
•MDC-1200 (PTT ID, Emergency, Radio Check & Radio Inhibit)
•DB15 Accessory Interface
•8 Programmable I/O Ports
•9 Programmable Function Keys
•Companded Audio
•Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In